Wealth Management

Need a safe room?
For diamonds? Family heirlooms?
For gold and guns?
Winning lottery ticket
to hide from fawning relations?
Rare paintings?
None of these?

Unless they blind you,
or cut off your hands,
or put you in solitary,
can’t you still make
a cup of tea for pennies?

Until they set up a Payday Loans
where the library used to be,
can’t you always find good books?
Pens? Paper?
Can’t you wake to sunrise?
Watch it set?
Listen for the winds of change?
Pet a cat?
Smell the coffee?

{It’s still poetry month…and although I did not write 30 poems, I did read and write more poetry than last month, so that’s something.

This was inspired by another great Real Toads prompt: Write a poem using questions, and consider answering them. I decided to write the answers in the form of questions also…}


In the last year or two,
love rejoiced with the truth,
day by day, each time I prayed–

aware of human crimes,
crashing symbols oftimes–
in the last year, my love.

Our God does not charge,
and love does not fail.
Love speaks truth and fairytale.

Angelic tongues will not prevail,
only prayers to God and you,
day by day, my love


{It’s already day twelve of poetry month. This is my third poem. I’ve been enjoying practicing new forms, so I thought I would try the cascade poem suggested by dVerse earlier this month. I’m linking to today’s prompt at Toads, which is love. This poem is inspired in part by the love described in chapter 13 of 1 Corinthians–which is a poem in and of itself–as well as the traditional prayer, Day by Day.}

At the 7-Eleven

Long line. He will get there before me.
Swing past the aisle. Don’t hesitate.
Make good time and beat him–quick!
Silver cylinder slung,
air in a can hung…
tube in his nose?
Eye meets eye.
–back up–

{This is for the prompt at Real Toads–Fussy Little Forms:Nonet. The nonet is 9 lines in a pattern of descending syllables. 9,8,7…1. These little forms are so much fun. This one is based on a personal experience about a month ago.}


Shell, Edward Weston (1927)

whole jewel
wave after wave hides
you in a swirl of sand below
reach of ready hands

{A Real Toads prompt based on the photo above. The form is the Fibonacci. The number of syllables for each line is based on the first six numbers in the Fibonacci sequence (starting with one) 1,1,2,3,5,8. Here, I reversed it as well.}