I’m not sure why I’m here.

I know I’m not supposed to say that. I’m supposed to promote myself, but I want to be honest.

My name is Sophie, and I suppose I am here because I love reading and writing. I want to learn and grow, and I want to record and share this process.

I wish I’d started sooner. I’m here now for what it’s worth.

Once upon a time, I was an English major. I enjoyed that time of my life, and I did not want it to end. But it did, and I have a BA which is worth something only to me apparently. Somehow I ended up with two children after college instead of the MA I began, but of course, I do not regret that. MAs are overrated.

For a few hectic years, I taught Language Arts to middle schoolers.

I was raised a Catholic in a small suburb of Rhode Island in the seventies by an Italian mother and grandparents who lived with us. It was right after the Vatican II reforms when the priests played guitar and we all sang along to John Foley S.J. songs. As an adult, I moved to Florida and discovered the corner Evangelical church. At the time, I knew nothing about politics or the South, so I forgive myself for spending as long as I did there. I’ve since moved on, and I consider it a learning experience. Catholicism needs some reform, but it’s still my spiritual home.

[Me (with uncle and cousins) in my First Communion dress, center]
In addition to reading and writing, I am also interested in politics, social justice, intersectional feminism, economic inequality, religion, and spirituality in general. They are the subjects I am most knowledgeable about and seem to have the most experience with. It’s also how I’m wired. For those familiar with MBTI personality types and cognitive functions, I am an INFJ. We are known as peacemakers, harmony-seekers, empaths, and defenders of justice. We are the diplomats who see all the perspectives–sometimes all at once. We have a soft spot for underdogs, outcasts, misfits, and the marginalized. Our nemesis is the shallow, know-it-all bully.

About ten years ago I discovered blogging. Since then, I have had several brief and rewarding blogging experiences. I love the concept of self-publishing. It’s democratic and it allows for diversity. A good blog requires time, skill, and dedication. It’s a worthy pursuit for a writer. I remember reading somewhere that blogging helps develop an eye for the meaningful. And practicing communication is always beneficial.

Beyond all this, blogging can be an exercise in minimalism. I enjoy researching, reflecting, and journaling. Rather than lots of notebooks and journals lying around, much of that information can be stored on a blog. I can be more selective about what I keep in paper form. I can transform many of my thoughts and feelings into works of art, essays, or simple, eclectic blog posts.

I have also begun a work of short fiction. It has been developing over the years. I am considering making it into a longer work. I have written a few short memoir stories and many poems. I am a poet by nature. I appreciate contemporary poetry, but I especially love the classics. My works of fiction will no doubt reflect my preference for poetry. My favorite fiction genres are magical realism, literary fiction, and sci-fi. I love stories with political, philosophical or spiritual depth.

I am active on social media. I enjoy connecting with the world in this way, but I also realize balance is necessary. Time for slow, careful reflection and mindfulness is essential. I am thinking about creating a YouTube channel at some point. First, I want to establish a working schedule for my blog and my other writing projects. In the meantime, I will be following and engaging with the BookTube community and building a personal library from local thrift store hauls and yard sales. (Though I am convinced that the local library remains one of the best inventions, along with the printing press, and the internet itself.)