In the last year or two,
love rejoiced with the truth,
day by day, each time I prayed–

aware of human crimes,
crashing symbols oftimes–
in the last year, my love.

Our God does not charge,
and love does not fail.
Love speaks truth and fairytale.

Angelic tongues will not prevail,
only prayers to God and you,
day by day, my love


{It’s already day twelve of poetry month. This is my third poem. I’ve been enjoying practicing new forms, so I thought I would try the cascade poem suggested by dVerse earlier this month. I’m linking to today’s prompt at Toads, which is love. This poem is inspired in part by the love described in chapter 13 of 1 Corinthians–which is a poem in and of itself–as well as the traditional prayer, Day by Day.}

14 thoughts on “Prayers

  1. …God and Jesus both know we love them… so this is about a prayer you are praying for someone else? Is this the prompt for Fireblossom Friday? A love of which someone doesn’t know we love them… ?

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    1. Yes, this is about a hidden love (which is why I chose to repeat the words of romantic endearment “my love”.) The lover is also metaphorically “hidden” in the subtext: Spirituality is a common metaphor for romantic love. It can manifest darkly as in “worship” of the adored, or innocently as in pure (unconditional) love. Thanks for asking. ☺️


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