When I sit at my kitchen table
on a cold morning, the white
of the window curtain
crisp-ironed, pleated,
pure and clean,
warms me. And I think
about the day ahead.
Whatsoever happens,
this morning’s light
on bright linen shines
in my mind like polished silver.
There is work to be done.
There is wonder to behold.

{I love ordinary things. They’re my favorite to write about. I’m so glad dVerse offered this prompt.}

7 thoughts on “Curtain

  1. and I am so glad you joined in! I love ordinary things so much too, they complete our lives. my favourite line from you is the part when you are contented with what you can see and feel, the curtain like polished gold and the work that must be done, i feel such contentment of being with oneself from those lines and looking forward to create and be part of the universe. really beautiful poetry!

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