Love Is a Fountain

is not water
to this parched heart. It is a sedative.

You hope that I will smile, swallow it now,
and sleep with it
the way the
whole world

{Imaginary Garden with Real Toads suggested writing a tetractys. Sounded intriguing. Each line has the following pattern of syllables: 1-2-3-4-10. This is a double. Because one was so fun.}

24 thoughts on “Love Is a Fountain

  1. The rhythm of the 2 stanzas (shaped by the form) felt like an ostinato, a pulse — heartbeats perhaps — holding forth a measure of love not much found in the world. Nicely done. Happy to find another voice at the Imaginary Garden.

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  2. “sometime affection”… Is not water, but a sedative. There is a lot of understory here… Water is life-giving, a sedative something else entirely. Intriguing.

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  3. Layered for the duplicity – i.e. as in “seems” straight forward and simple, but is anything but. Not only for the technicalities of the form, but for the meaning, which can be read one way, yet also in other ways, deeper layers, too. Well done for sure!

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