Movement {a haibun}


Sometime around midday, I pause.

My mahogany desk is so shiny. It’s always marred by fingerprints.

Beyond this dark wood is a wall of brightness. A live background mural of clouds and sky and trees. Silent and untouchable. No one who is busy with accounting notices.

I can’t help but study the living movement of the palm fronds. I hope no one sees me.

My co-worker is blaring gaudy pop songs for the whole office to hear. But I have my own music– a soaring melody for listening ears only.

I imagine this…
slender leaves are fingers
playing piano.

{This is my first attempt at haibun. I didn’t have one about dusk, which is the dVerse haibun prompt this week, so I am going to use this for Open Link Night #218. }

16 thoughts on “Movement {a haibun}

  1. So nice to read your first haibun ~ Love the details of the office (reminded me of my own) during the break ~ Good to ponder on those palm fronds ~ They inspired a lovely haiku of fingers playing the piano ~

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    1. Piano music has been a favorite of mine lately. I started listening to it to be more focused when my work environment was too distracting. Now I have something to watch while I listen. Thanks for reading. I appreciate the comment. 🙂


  2. “A live background mural of clouds and sky and trees.” A lovely way to describe the view. Our staff room offers a similar scene and it is so relaxing to watch the birds, squirrels and the breeze blowing through the trees. Another world out there bringing hope for the end of a workday. Very nice haibun.


  3. The imagery is vivid in this. While I’m typically not one for poetry (I’m more of a narrative person) I really enjoyed your piece. And – in regards to your comment – I love honest feedback, hopefully it’s okay if I provide the same.

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