Pay Attention

The voice is ancient and familiar,
belonging to school days,
bouncing off the walls of the gym
like end-of-day announcements
from the principal,
or the bright ping
of a red, rubber four-square ball
entering your zone
when you’re looking the other way.

{Almost a quadrille. I’m counting the hyphenated words as a single word. I knowww …that’s breaking the rules a little, but it’s a poem not algebra, so I hope I’m forgiven. Inspired by a fun prompt from dVerse.}

6 thoughts on “Pay Attention

  1. I love this!!!

    This as a description of the voice itself:
    “belonging to school days,
    bouncing off the walls of the gym”

    And then the way it pings you in the head in the closing.

    “entering your zone” … Nice.

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  2. Counting hyphenated words as one word is NEVER cheating, on a Quadrille! Especially when I am hosting! I loves me some hyphens! And I love this poem. I can hear that rubber ball. Four-square was big when I was in Elementary school. 😉

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