Asking Questions

As a developing writer, I’m becoming more acutely aware of the importance of accuracy. I’m always bumping into Stuff I Don’t Know.

It’s frustrating. I don’t feel capable of writing about a subject if I haven’t thoroughly researched it. It’s not enough for me to have a vague idea about a topic.

An impression of something, or a hunch about it, is all that is needed to spark my interest. But it’s not enough for me to feel confident to write at this point. Instead, I view it more as a research opportunity.

I have to be careful because I can get quite sidetracked with this. It’s half the fun for me.

Often it all begins with a question. Like: Why is God associated with fire? There are so many scriptural references to fire. My own intellectual speculation tells me that fire is energy. Energy is never destroyed. My mind wanders. I know that fire is mentioned at the birth of the church in reference to the Holy Spirit. I’m sure there’s more to this. There’s the burning bush and Moses. God is described as a consuming fire. What does that mean? Fire also provides light, and  warmth. Are these not essential to life? And there are references to God using fire  (metaphorically) as as a means of refining us.

This is just an example. Writing, it seems, is really a balance of curiosity and wonder (questions); research (answers); rules (skill); reading; and practice.

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